Thursday, 27 May 2010

Arrested by Everest

Man, I get home (finally - its good to be back!) and I see that all my Himalaya efforts were in vain. I have been outdone by loads of people! Firstly, the 13 (yes THIRTEEN) year old American lad Jordan Romero conquered the summit of Everest (not sure what proof they have other than his mum said he called and said he was up there (now if that's not the best excuse to cut school ever made!). But considering he has now climbed 6 of the world's highest peaks...
Africa - Kilimanjaro: 2006
Europe - Elbrus: 2007
South America - Aconcagua: 2007
North America - Denali: 2008
Oceania - Carstensz Pyramid: 2009
Everest - Asia: 2010
...and now only needs to climb the Vinson Massif on Antarctica to have climbed in every continent, it kind of makes what I did pail into insignificance. Also on Saturday, Nepali climber Apa Sherpa, 50, climbed Everest for the 20th time, surpassing his own record and Ms Bonita Norris, 22, from Berkshire became the youngest British woman ever to reach the summit on 17 May 2010.
Then to top things off there is the man dubbed the 'human polar bear', who swam a 1km glacial lake under Everest. Had he gone too quick he would have hyperventialted and drowned, but too slowly he would have died of hypothermia - good luck fella! -
I suppose I can feel a bit better by Josh Lewsey's failed attempt to make the summit, but boy you gotta feel sorry for the ex-world cup winner. Just 150m from the top and his breathing apparatus failed and he had a race against time to get down the mountain, passing dead climbers from 2 days previously and wanting nothing more than a 'deadly' sit down! Hard luck Josh!
Oh well, i am proud of my efforts all the same and I managed to raise (so far) £1200 for charidee so that's cool. Now I have to plan next year's trip...hmm, where to go and what to do?

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