Thursday, 2 December 2010

Another Fine mEss

Did you hear recently about those French passengers who were diverted without warning on a RYANAIR (NO! Shock horror!) flight from Fez to Beauvois thus landing in Liege, Belgium (350km away)? Apparently once landed they said it was 'well foggy innit!'

I'm sure for the French waiting to get home from Morocco, landing in Liege, was the equivalent of a Londoner back from Malaga being diverted to Hull or somewhere 225 miles away that wasn't 'home' at 11:30 at night! Once again you get what you pay for!

Rather than join the other caged animals on put-on buses that were due to drive through the night, one of the four planes' passengers staged a sit-in. What did they get?

The toilets locked and the lights switched off for four hours until they finally complied. You got alove the French refusing to get out of a plane for fear of Belgium! But what of the disgraceful Ryanair, just another notch on the belt of an airline heading towards the realms of propaganda spouting fascism!

Rather than just saying 'They were French, what do you expect!' a spokesman for the airline added: "The passengers were unreasonable and refused to follow advice which would have allowed them to complete their journey!"

Well, I'm English and I don't understand the announcements. How is a Frenchman supposed to understand a Bulgarian speaking English I hear you ask?

The best bit though is that when they left the protesters to it, the pilot left the cockpit door open. How brilliant it would have been if some disgruntled Beauvoisite had handed their child to the nearest decent looking human and just ran into the cockpit and fired her up!

Let's hope we get some more pro-activism in the wake of quite successful and much appreciated anti-fees marches by the students! I'm sure with all the bad weather and shite public services and transport this is just the beginning!

Au Revoir et a bientot mon amis!

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